The 10 Best Long Distance Moves in Bay Area (With Free Estimates) (2023)

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How much does a long-distance move cost?

Long-distance moves transport your belongings across the country for you. No more renting a trailer and traveling from state to state with your whole house attached to your bumper. Long-distance movers do the moving so you can fly to your new home, suitcase in hand, and wait for your furniture to arrive. The average price range for long-distance moves is nationwide1.490 bis 2.230 $. The distance you move and the number of cubic feet that movers need to move will affect the cost. Another factor in the cost of a long-distance move is whether you choose an exclusive move or a collective move.

With a more expensive exclusive move, your belongings are the only freight on the moving truck. The movers will drive straight to your new home and deliver your belongings on a set day. A group move is cheaper because movers move your belongings with other people's, saving them time and gas - which means you save money. The downside is that your stuff usually arrives with a two-week delivery window rather than a pre-determined day. Read reviews to ensure you can trust the company with your possessions to ensure a peaceful moving process.

What is considered a local move and what is considered a long-distance move?

Local moves are among the most common moves. Unlike a long-distance move, a local move is typically less than 50 miles and does not cross state lines. Generally, a local move only takes a day, and movers typically charge by the hour.

The definition of a long-distance move can vary depending on the moving company. In general, any movement of 400 miles or more is considered long haul. However, some say a long-distance move takes over 50-100 miles.

Local move

A move under 50 miles


A movement of 50-100 miles or over 400 miles; may also be referred to as "moving between states" or "moving abroad".


A movement that transcends national borders; may also be referred to as "moving between states" or "moving over long distances".

Interstate move

A movement that transcends national borders; can also be referred to as an "out-of-state move" or "long-distance move".

Intrastate relocation

A movement that begins and ends in the same state, usually beyond 50 miles

Interstate moves require additional legal preparation and incur additional costs based on distance, quantity and weight of your items, preparation required, and various other factors. Movers usually do an initial truck weigh-in, which you should be present for.

A move that crosses state lines is considered an interstate move or an out-of-state move. Compare this to an intrastate move that starts and ends in the same state but is typically over 50 miles away.

To determine whether your move is local or long-distance,Contact the best moving companies in your area.

How many movers should I hire for my long-distance move?

To figure out how many moving trucks you need, take the size of your home, the number of items you need to move, and the weight of those items to estimate how many moving trucks you'll need.

For example, a studio or one-bedroom apartment may need two movers to efficiently load and unload your belongings. A two or three bedroom home may require three or more movers. And a three or four bedroom house might require four movers.

QuestionsMoving companies near youhow many movers - and how many hours - it may take to complete your long-distance move.


How much does moving out of the state cost?

According to the American Moving & Storage Association, moving out of the state costs an average of $5,630. However, this is just an estimate - how much you'll pay to move abroad will likely depend on the weight of your belongings, whether you need storage, the distance of the move and more.

To avoid surprise or hidden charges,Get free estimates from moving companies in your area.

What is the cheapest way to move long distances?

The cheapest way to travel long distances is to plan ahead. This allows you to benefit from multiple money-saving strategies. For example, you can consider renting a portable moving container. These are often cheaper than moving trucks, although moving truck rentals are a good option for mid-sized homes.

Planning ahead also gives you time to shop around for free moving boxes and supplies. You may also be able to snag discounts from movers if you book well in advance and ask movers for a quote. Try not to move during peak season (spring or summer) as prices tend to be highest during this time.

Contact thebest long-distance move in your areato get free estimates and find out how you can save money.

How do I choose the best long-distance moving company?

First compare theThe best long distance moving companiesby doing an online search for national or local moving services.

Pay close attention to the reviews and ratings of moving companies. As you read reviews, be aware of any feedback regarding pricing, professionalism, the movers ability to work quickly, and whether the company damaged customers' property. You should also check that the mover has the proper license or insurance in your state.

Once you've found a few movers that match your criteria, contact the companies for free estimates. Compare odds between moves to decide if an odd is fair. And keep an eye out for deals and discounts that movers offer off-season.

What should I pack first when moving?

First on your packing checklist are non-essential items that you won't need to access for the next few weeks or so. This can include things like holiday decorations, extra towels, and collectibles.

Then move on to artwork, entertainment items, and specialty kitchen items you rarely use.

As moving day approaches, pack children's toys, jewelry, artwork, and all linens except one essential set for each household member.

Next come kitchen appliances, items in your medicine cabinet, bathroom supplies, laundry supplies, and electronics.

Pack furniture, rugs, and tools a day or two before you move.

On moving day (or a few days before), pack your clothes, linens, cleaning supplies, and other necessities like snacks and groceries.

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How much do you tip long distance moves?

Movers generally receive a tip of 10% to 20%, or about $50 to $200 per mover. However, it may make less sense to tip a percentage of the total cost of the move as there may be more travel, gas, and other fees compared to local moves.

But if you have money to spend and are very happy with the job, you can always tip more. Tipping isn't mandatory, of course - especially if you're not happy with the move.

Do movers offer remote or virtual services?

Movers generally need to be present to do their job. However, if you come across a moving company's profile that says they offer remote services, you can contact them to see what those services entail.

Reviews for Bay Area long distance removals

John S.

We have alang distance Relocationfrom SF to Reno in less than 6 hours. These guys crushed it. 10/10 would recommend

The 10 Best Long Distance Moves in Bay Area (With Free Estimates) (1)TWO FRIENDS MOVER

Jonatan L.

Matias and his team did a great jobTo moveus from San Francisco to Wyoming. Great communication beforehandRelocationand he was there to oversee the packing, loading, driving to the new house, and unloading. Highly recommend forlang distance Relocation.

The 10 Best Long Distance Moves in Bay Area (With Free Estimates) (2)Move!

Leanne L.

TheMoverwere fantastic for ourlang distance Relocationfrom San Francisco to Sacramento! They were very experienced withTo moveand so efficient in packing all our furniture andTo moveit to our new apartment. They were very careful with our belongings and treated our furniture and belongings with respect.

The 10 Best Long Distance Moves in Bay Area (With Free Estimates) (3)move me do

Stella c.

Excellent job on two separate occasions, for a local andlang distance To movea facility of a 2,200sf household. I highly recommend LarrosTo moveServices, for the accuracy of the offers, the responsiveness of Ricardo to my numeritos requests AND the professionalism of the team atMover. TheTo moveTeam were on time, careful and seemed highly skilled at what they were doing. Larro's is a name I will always remember fondly and will recommendMovingServices.

The 10 Best Long Distance Moves in Bay Area (With Free Estimates) (4)Larro's removal service

Kailey-Jean C.

Hiring of Traust for mylang-distance RelocationGoing to Oregon was the best decision I've ever made. They showed up on time, worked non-stop until the entire project was completed, and gave me peace of mind throughout the experience. I can't recommend them enough!!

(Video) How Moving Companies Figure Estimates - (888) 680-7200

The 10 Best Long Distance Moves in Bay Area (With Free Estimates) (5)Traust Moving Local & Long Distance Moves

Konstantin S.

ExcellentTo moveExperience with the two friendsmoving company!Scheduling her appointment was easy and they honored the advertised fixed price for thelang distance Relocationalthough I still had a few things to doRelocationthan originally expected. The crew arrived promptly and on time and worked very quickly in both loading and unloading. They used a lot of protective blankets to wrap my sofas and bookcase a few layers of blankets and handled with care. They made carrying the piano look easy! Overall they made mineRelocationsmooth, fast and easy. I unpacked my new apartment earlier than I had hoped!

The 10 Best Long Distance Moves in Bay Area (With Free Estimates) (6)TWO FRIENDS MOVER

Claire B.

For the most part, the people representing this company were personable and informative when I spoke to them on the phone. They were flexible with timeRelocation, which wasn't much work and therefore had to be added to other shipments or loads. The items were delivered a little earlier than the estimated date, which was good in our case. This was alang distance Relocationand as it was quite a small load I think it took a few days to get an estimate of the arrival time but they got it to us in advance and arrived when they said they would.

The 10 Best Long Distance Moves in Bay Area (With Free Estimates) (7)my move

Frau R.

Due to my job as a digital nomad (outsourcing translations for transnational companies), I've been moving between countries, states and cities since I was 20 years old (I'm 75 now). Having said that, I can say that Kevin Express has surpassed all the major moving companies I have ever dealt with. To give an example, on my last oneRelocationfrom San Francisco, CA to Corpus Christi, TX, onTo moveNot only did the company I hired give me at least 1 month to do thisRelocationbut even though I had paid the required deposit, they just wouldn't show up on moving day without giving me the slightest satisfaction. As my flight to Texas was scheduled for the next day I had to search extensively on the internet for another company and luckily I found Kevin Express through the Thumbtack site. Knowing my critical situation, Kevin was willing to do this at the last minutelang distance Relocationat a great price and in a record time of 3 days. A lot of people might say he can do this because he owns the business, but given the time frame, thedistance, and today's fuel prices, it wouldn't be a very rewarding job. Which doesn't matter at all to the big companies that only aim for profit and not to satisfy customer needs, like the company I hired. Having moved, I am infinitely relieved and happy to have had the unique opportunity to make this true professional, this is Kevin and he is said to have contributed, albeit modestly, to the growth of his business. We all need real professionals like him.

The 10 Best Long Distance Moves in Bay Area (With Free Estimates) (8)K&V EXPRESS


It was wonderful working with Marcel and his team for melang-distance Relocation. They were available at short notice and made the whole process very easy. I moved to another city 400 miles away and they were able to complete this process in just over 24 hours. I would definitely hire them 1000x again!! They have great rates that are all inclusive and the company is fully insured. They were extremely professional, experienced, helpful, communicative and efficient. In order to speed up the loading process, a third was addedMovercame to help at no extra cost.Movingis stressful. When we arrived at the drop off site we encountered some unexpected problems but Marcel and his partner were patient and helpful every step of the way! They brought all the necessary tools to ensure my items arrived safely. They wrapped, packed, loaded and unloaded all my items with great care. Many of these were made of glass and/or very fragile. They perfectly disassembled and reassembled my bed, uninstalled my custom shower head and reinstalled the original as well as my bathroom cabinet. They are following COVID guidelines and were wearing masks and gloves at all times. I would highly recommend using BoutiqueMoving!!!

The 10 Best Long Distance Moves in Bay Area (With Free Estimates) (9)Boutique Moving Services

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