Surge Deathblade Raid Build Guide for Lost Ark on (2023)

Surge Deathblade Raid Build Guide for Lost Ark on (1)


Deathblades have two viable raid builds centered around each of themEngraving class,remaining energyandrise. This article focuses on thoseriseto build.

Deathblades have oneidentity displaycalledDeath Orb Meterthis is charged by using any skill. Your meter is divided into 3 partsdeath orbs. You can enterTodestrancesolange 1death orbis filled, instantly reducing the cooldowns of all your skills and giving you access to a new big damage skillBlade Surge. used once,Todestranceends.

Usually a Deathblades gameplay focuses on winningDeath Orb Meterunleash as soon as possibleBlade Surgeand then repeat the same process again. butrisechanges things.risereplacedBlade SurgeWithNull, provides a flat damage boost while introducing a buff stack gainTodestrance. The stacks allow the deathblade to recoverdeath orbsonceBlade Surgeis used.

'Cause you can win backdeath orbs, your gameplay will focus on multi-hit abilities for stacking buffs before unleashing themBlade Surgefor your biggest atomic bomb. With Immediatelydeath orbRegeneration, your abilities have constant low cooldowns, which contributes to the buff stack loop and you can useBlade Surgeagain relatively quickly.


Master of the Ambush

(Video) Updated Surge Deathblade Build Guide, Setup, Bracelet, Gems, Rotation, Tripods And Runes, Lost Ark

Deathblades, regardless of class engraving, are heavily dependent on themback attacksand land your skills. You want to make full use of your buff from the applicationovert weaknessand theattack from behind+10% critical hit rate. When Deathblades miss their grand entranceDeath Orb MeterAcquiring skills is extremely punishing. Your abilities take longer to recharge, your damage rotation is slowed, and as a result, your overall damage uptime is reduced.

This build guide assumes you have a character at level 50 before switching to it.Try thisDeathblade-Levelingand1-50 levelingGuides to reach level 50.
Try thisRemaining Energy Deathblade Alternative Playstyle Guide. Try thisguard raidsandAbyss DungeonsGuides to introduce their content.







attack from behind



  • wind cutandSpincutterare your main stack builders forrisesince they are multi-hit skills.
  • soul absorberandempty shotare your two highestDeath Orb MeterGenerators and deal high damage.
  • Lightning noiseis another high damage skill.
  • earthshatteris yourcounterBe able. It can also be used to create a pairriseStaple.
  • Dark Axelis a great repositioning tool, likeHigh Axelallows you to jump over bossesattack from behind.
  • SogincreasesDeath Orb MeterProfit for a short time and offers aattack speedBuff for party members.
  • Blitz Blinkis used byblade attackbecause of its usefulness. It generates a decent amount ofDeath Orb Meterwith a much faster animation time.Blitz Blinkalso allows you to cycle through bosses for repositioning.
(Video) Surge Deathblade rebuilt!, and it's stronger than I thought


  • ifriseStack generation feels too slow, bear in minddeath sentence,Moonlight Sonicandblade dance. These skills can replaceempty shotand orLightning noise.
  • Dark Chargecan be usedLightning noiseto help with stacks in case you missed a few skills. You need to be close to the target for the ticks to connect for the stacks.

Gameplay & Skill-Rotation

  • At the beginning of the fight you want to start generating 3death orbs. This will start your entire rotation. After that, you ideally want to focus on racking up 20 buff stacks along the wayTodestrancebefore useBlade Surge. Each stack increasesBlade SurgeDamage exponentially (up to 100/110/120% total)
  • Stacks accumulate every time a skill hits with a 0.4 second cooldown, so use itwind cutandSpincutterfrequently.


  1. Spincuttergiltovert weakness
  2. Sog
  3. soul absorber
  4. Lightning noise
  5. empty shotorMoonlight Sonic
  6. Blitz Blink
  7. Generates 3 orbs.

Main Damage Rotation:

  1. Use preventativewind cutso it starts building stacks whenTodestranceis activated.
  2. UseTodestrancewith 3 Death Orbs to refresh skill cooldowns by 50%.
  3. Spincuttergiltovert weakness
  4. wind cut
  5. earthshatter
  6. soul absorber
  7. Sog
  8. Lightning noise
  9. Spincutter
  10. empty shotorMoonlight Sonic
  11. UseBlade Surgea 20risestacks to recover 3 Death Orbs.This is your toughest repartee, so make sure you attack from behind.
  12. You should be at 3death orbsto repeat againMain damage rotation.

Blade Surgeis your main source of damage output, so make sure you do itattack from behindthus for +10% crit rate,overt weaknessandMaster of the Ambush. When you need to let goBlade SurgeDue to boss mechanics or situation difficulties, 17 stacks is the "save point" as 2 orbs are refunded so it's easier to get the 1 orb back with onlyempty shotorMoonlight Sonicwhen you're highspecialization. But ideally, you don't want to unleash yours all the timeBlade Surgeat 17 stacks as it's a massive damage drain for the skill.

Stats Priority

riseDeathblades prioritize highspecializationandCrit. The damage fromBlade SurgeLibra withspecialization. It also increases the cooldown reduction effectTodestranceand increasedDeath Orb Metergeneration from skills.


Engraving classprovide powerful perks that can significantly change playstyle.battle engravingsare generally used to increase damage. Below are the recommended engravings for this build.

Try thisengraving instructionsfor more details.

Starter Engravings

  • riseis the core of this build. Maxing this out will increase your build's damage significantlyBlade Surgeat 20 stacks.
  • Master of the Ambushsynergizes with Deathblades as they should already be back attacking with thatovert weaknessDebuff abSpincutter.

Add-On Endgame-Gravuren

  • Adrenalinprovides an easy source of crit rate for Deathblades as their abilities are lavished with low cooldowns to sustain the buff.
  • sight focuscan be used to increaseBlade SurgeDamage.
  • super chargeworks fine withLightning noise,empty shotandsoul absorberloading skills.
  • Sharp blunt weapon*is a decent choice, not the most optimal. It can be used if you are missing the above engravings.

Advanced Engraving

note:The Advanced Engravings are the best setup for Tier 3 content. The associated penalties can be difficult for new players to overcome.Only use the following engravings if you have experience with the boss fights!

  • Damn doll*is a simple increase in attack power at the cost of a 25% healing penalty. The healing penalty can be a punishment for inexperienced players unfamiliar with boss mechanics.
  • resentment*Increases damage dealt while increasing damage taken. Engraving is a highly effective damage increase without requiring any specific positioning, making it well worth it even with the penalty.

(*)These engravings should only be used at engraving level 3.

Optimal settings

Engravings are listed in order of priority from left to right.





Master of the Ambush

Damn doll

sight focus





Master of the Ambush

Sharp blunt weapon

sight focus

gear sets

These are the specific gear sets for each tier.
Try thisGear-Set-Guidefor more details.

(Video) [Lost Ark] Surge 101 - How to play Surge Deathblade

Remarks :

  • If you speed up your alts, you can skip Abyss Dungeon Gear up1370 Gearscoreonly by honingChaos Dungeon gear.
  • When you are around1445 Gearscoreand have already made Valtan/Vykas Normal Mode, you can skip craftingLegendary Legion raid gear.
  • If you have already tinkeredRelic Gears, hold onto them because as soon as you unlock thegear set conversionFunction between which you can switch freelyRelic Legion raid sets.

"Play at your own pace" route

step 1

340 Gearscore
Seraphic Oath Set

460 Gearscore
Impetuous Elemental Set

Rang 2

840 Gearscore
Wonderful earth set

960 Gearscore
Unyielding Will

Early stage 3

1302-1370 Gearscore
Twisted dimension set


1370 -1415 Gearscore
Predestined Zeal Set

Tier 3 Legion Raid Set

1415 - 1444 Gearscore
Predestined Diligence Gloves and Shoulders
Demon beast strength 4 pcs

Started at 1445+ gearscore
Entropy Law of the Earth

Legion Raid Optional Path

Poem of Redemption Gloves & Shouldersis preferred if you haveBones of the Demonic Beastto craft them early and you will be able to convert themEntropy Law of the EarthPieces after you unlockedgear set conversion.


Runes improve abilities with additional bonuses. All rune drops are account-bound and have limited availability, so placing runes on the correct abilities is important. Below are the recommended pairings.
Check therune guidefor more details.

soul absorberassets
Lightning noisestorm wind
empty shotassets
wind cutWut
Fast charging
To clean
Dark AxelSchutz
  • Wutis best used withwind cutorSpincutterto increase the speed of skill rotation.
  • storm windis great for speeding up your best damage distribution skills.
  • Overwhelmis used withearthshatterto further improve his stagger.
  • assetsis used withDeath Orb Metergeneration skills.
  • Focusreduces the mana cost of skills.
  • BlossomsorFast chargingcan be used with oneSpincutterdue to its low cooldown which allows for constant use.
  • Schutzabsorbs incoming damage during useDark Axel.

Gear Skill Tree

While gems grant benefits to abilities, they can also boost the effects of the skill tree itself. Skill tree levels go up to 5 and each level can increase the damage, cooldown reduction or buff they provide.

For more information on how to add gear skill trees and how to get them, check out ourSkill Tree SyStamm Guide.

soul absorberFast fingers
Fist of Darkness
wind cutFast preparation
maintain improvement
Lightning noiselife hit
charge improvement
shadow rush
Dark AxelFast fingers
empty shotball control
Empty Zone
earthshattervulnerability detection
Sogball control
dark order
SpincutterFast preparation
(Video) Lost ArkㅣHow To Build Surge Deathblade 《Basic to In-depth Guide, Tips, Skill Build, Combos, Etc》


Gems grant bonus damage and cooldown reduction to certain skills. You can only equip 11 of these gems at a time, so it's recommended that you prioritize the gems for your most important abilities.

Please visit ourGuide to the Gem Systemfor more information, e.g. B. how to create gems of higher tiers.

attack gems

soul absorber
Lightning noise
empty shot
Blade Surge

Cooldown gems

soul absorber
Lightning noise
empty shot
Dark Axel
wind cut

decks of cards

Maps are an endgame system for maximizing your character. Below are the recommended sets for this class.
Try thiscard guidefor more details on how to obtain them.


Optional card set

Optimal set of damage cards


  • Activate immediatelyTodestrancehowwind cutis active to get 2-4 stacks at the beginning.
  • Deathblades, regardless of class engraving, are heavily dependent on themback attacksand land your skills.
  • Remember not to overlap abilities too quickly due to the 0.4 second cooldown between stack generation.
  • Blade Surgeis your most powerful ability, so make sure you do itattack from behindwith it and don't miss it!


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21. September 2022

Updated Pros and Cons section.

11. June 2022

Gearsets section adjusted to include Vykas parts.

18. May 2022

Gear set update paths to include Valtan gear. Updated ability rotations related to the balance changes.

March 10, 2022

Updated the Gear Sets section to include Argos sets and added Optimal Settings to the Engraving section.

February 5, 2022

Article updated for Tier 3 content.

19 January 2022

Article published for Tier 1 content.


How does surge work on Deathblade? ›

Surge Deathblades benefit from high Specialization and Crit, as these two stats increase their offensive capabilities the most. Specialization increases the damage dealt by Blade Surge, boosts your Death Orb Meter gains from every one of your skills, and increases the cooldown reduction you get from Death Trance.

Is Deathblade easy for Lost Ark? ›

The Deathblade, a prestige Assassin class, remains one of the game's most popular classes for its ease of use and flashy skills. It's also one of the best PvP classes in the game, making this an excellent class for newcomers and veterans alike.

What should I upgrade in Deathblade the Lost Ark? ›

You should prioritize Specialization and Crit, as well as using Maelstrom and Void attacks, in order to build up your Deathblade Energy as quickly as possible.
Remaining Energy build
  1. Remaining Energy.
  2. Cursed Doll.
  3. Precise Dagger.
  4. Adrenaline.
  5. Ambush.
Mar 10, 2022

What is the most overpowered class in Lost Ark? ›

Paladin. Very strong support that can do some great DPS too with their strong identity skill. They have lots of knockdowns, and hence are definitely the most offensive of the support classes.

What stats for Surge Deathblade? ›

Stats Priority

Surge Deathblades prioritize high Specialization and Crit. The damage from Blade Surge scales with Specialization. It also increases the Cooldown Reduction effect from Death Trance and increases Death Orb Meter generation from skills.

Is surge better than Remaining Energy? ›

Everyone says surge does way more damage, so I went to trixion to test it out. With surge build at 1390 ilvl I did 1.244m dps and with RE I did 1.248m dps. For both tests I did 5x3+1 engravings based of loawa top ranked builds.

Does surge have stagger? ›

Ive done a few tests, in the training grounds and training room. Both tests seem to indicate that Surge Stagger is either lowest or low (lowest being similar to skills that dont even show stagger because ALL skills do some stagger damage).

What skills should a Deathblade use? ›

The Deathblade is one of Lost Ark's deadly Assassins.
To maximize damage while leveling, you should focus all your skill points on the following skills when you are able:
  • Dark Axel (Unlocks at level 12)
  • Moonlight Sonic (Unlocks at level 24)
  • Blitz Rush (Unlocks at level 40)
  • Death Sentence (Unlocks at level 16)
May 12, 2022

What is the easiest class to play in Lost Ark? ›

Generally speaking, melee classes and tanks will be easier for those getting used to the mechanics. For this reason, any of the warrior class options - such as the Berserker, Gunlancer or Paladin - are good first choices for beginners.

Is Deathblade viable in PvE? ›

Deadeye and Deathblade are also respectable PvE DPS classes, but they shine much brighter in PvP (more on that in a bit).

Is keen blunt weapon good for Deathblade? ›

Keen Blunt Weapon can still be a viable option. Gear Sets, Gems, Cards, etc. Gear Sets - As a DPS Class, Remaining Energy Deathblade wants Her set to boost Her offensive capabilities as much as possible.

What is Deathblade specialty Lost Ark? ›

Deathblade is an assassin class that uses a total of three swords that they wield alongside the power of chaos to swiftly slash their foes. The fast-paced combo attacks from the light dualswords and longsword overpower enemies, leading to death by a thousand cuts.

Which life skill is the best Lost Ark? ›

Excavating is objectively the best life skill to pursue on paper. It gives you materials for Oreha fusion and life skill crafting. It drains the life skill gauge the fastest out of the three while having the highest yields for successfully passing the mini-game (it can give you up to eight times the original reward).

What is a main character Lost Ark? ›

Curiously, the first character you create in Lost Ark becomes the main character in your roster. By default, you can create up to six, but only one can be the main character. The idea is that your first character is the one you'll be primarily focusing on.

What should I level up in surge 2? ›

Scrap is what you use to level up, but you're not really boosting an overall character level in that sense when you do. Each level you climb awards you Module Points (essentially skill points), which you can use to boost one of three attributes: Health, Stamina, and Battery Efficiency.

Is Surge 1 or 2 harder? ›

The bosses I saw in the first Surge were far from interesting and not challenging at all. There was some improvement in Surge 2 but they still weren't as interesting as the bosses you would see in a Dark Souls game. Both games have around the same level of challenge and around the same hours of content available.

What mode is Surge best in? ›

Best Modes

Surge shines in Big Game, which is the mode with the highest win rate.

How strong is surge? ›

White Claw Surge, a new higher-alcohol hard seltzer. Instead of 5% ABV in a 12-ounce can, Surge packs 8% ABV into a 16-ounce can.

What is stagger power? ›

staggering is when an enemy gets hit by certain attacks that make it drop to the ground for a few seconds allowing you to attack for free.

What is the strongest PvP class in Lost Ark? ›

Best classes for PvP
  • S Tier: Bard, Deadeye, Deathblade, Gunslinger, Paladin.
  • A Tier: Berserker, Glaivier, Gunlancer, Shadowhunter, Sorceress.
  • B Tier: Artillerist, Destroyer, Striker, Sharpshooter, Wardancer.
  • C Tier: Scrapper, Soulfist.
Jul 5, 2022

Is Lost Ark easier with controller? ›

However, Lost Ark is playable with a controller, if not entirely enjoyable. I'd even argue combat feels best on a controller, despite the general awkwardness of navigating menus, inventories, and action bars on a gamepad.

Is Lost Ark hard solo? ›

Lost Ark doesn't restrict players from playing solo, but you should consider a few things before committing to this playstyle. The game can be challenging when alone as you don't have other players assisting you in fights with other classes and abilities.

What is the difference between Deathblade engraving remaining energy and surge? ›

Remaining Energy VS Surge Deathblade

Remaining Energy Build provides reliable, consistent damage and is much easier to play with since you don't need to stack up your orbs heavily. In comparison, Surge Deathblade Build involves high-risk, high-reward gameplay.

What metal is best for blunt weapons? ›

Blunt weapons are effective with almost any type of metal; making war hammers out of copper, bronze, iron or silver is a good use for these low-grade materials. Dwarven science advances have, however, determined that silver is, due to its high density, the best material against non-metal opponents.

How much damage increase is keen blunt weapon? ›

10% bonus damage overall at 33 % crit rate.

Does Deathblade Remaining Energy build engravings? ›

Starter Engravings

Remaining Energy allows the Deathblade to maintain high damage uptime and receive free stats when ending Death Trance. This engraving is extremely efficient at level 1, and it is recommended that you keep it at that level for Tier 1 content. At Tier 3, it's recommended that you max it out to Level 3.

Do choices matter in Lost Ark? ›

Much like deciding whether to sell Lost Ark's unused gear or dismantle it, the result is pretty much the same but changes how many steps it took to arrive at the outcome. No matter which choices a player makes in Lost Ark, there is an almost overwhelming amount of content to be enjoyed.

What are the best virtues in Lost Ark? ›

The most important virtue in Lost Ark depends on each player's priorities. For instance, focus on charisma if your goal is to get the Astray ship. This is because Blackfang, which you need to rapport to friendly first, requires 260 charisma. Other NPCs, like Calvasus, need you to focus on courage.

Is Deathblade a good class Lost Ark? ›

Combining both high damage in PVE and one of the highest performing classes in PVP, the Deathblade and its engaging, high-speed attacks make it a strong option as your main class.

What playstyle is Deathblade Lost Ark? ›

This highly mobile assassin excels at using charge skills in rapid succession to deliver heavy hitting blows to her enemies. Deathblade comes in two playstyles, Surge Zero and Remaining Energy.

Is Deathblade viable in PVE? ›

Deadeye and Deathblade are also respectable PvE DPS classes, but they shine much brighter in PvP (more on that in a bit).

What is the Deathblade class Lost Ark? ›

Deathblade is an assassin class that uses a total of three swords that they wield alongside the power of chaos to swiftly slash their foes. The fast-paced combo attacks from the light dualswords and longsword overpower enemies, leading to death by a thousand cuts.

What is the least popular class in Lost Ark? ›

The least played advanced class in Lost Ark is Wardancer, which makes up 2.83% of all characters. Wardancer makes up 17.29% of all characters that are Martial Artists, including both the Female and Male versions of the Martial Artist class.

Is Lost Ark a grind? ›

Smilegate Lost Ark can be a bit of a grind for players who don't invest a dime. “If you don't like grinding for content and you don't like those types of progression cycles, maybe playing an MMO isn't the right option for you,” said Asmon.


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