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A misshapen, crooked or overly large nose can seriously affect the overall appearance of your face and your self-confidence.

Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery that has the power to adjust your nose to the features you want.

Since the 1990s, the renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Suzanne Yee Little Rock, AR, had life-changing rhinoplasty.

If you want to fix your nose, you are not alone


Wanting to improve is nothing to be ashamed of. Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as rhinoplasty, is the most popular facial plastic surgery in America. In both 2019 and 2020, over 350,000 nose surgeries were performed on people just like you.

What is the point of rhinoplasty?

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Reshaped nose, reshaped life

The basic goal of nose surgery is to change the size, shape or position of the nose to your liking. This can be achieved by removing part of the internal supporting bone or cartilage of the nose, by removing soft tissue in certain areas, or by augmenting the nasal structures with artificial implants. Almost every part of the nose, from the nostrils to the tip and bridge of the nose, can be modified during a rhinoplasty. Imagining your new nose and then receiving it can be very empowering and fill you with renewed confidence.

Request a rhinoplasty today

dr Yee is a triple board certified plastic surgeon who performs her procedures using a combination of classic artistic skills and advanced scientific methods. The success of her work has led to television coverage on ABC, FOX, and others. She understands how much trouble an unsatisfactory nose can cause her patients and takes pride in helping them reach their full potential with a rhinoplasty. To request your advice now, all you have to do is call(501) 224-1044or write to us.

Choose Empowering Plastic Surgery

"I had a very challenging procedure in February and Dr. Yee was AMAZING. dr Yee is doing amazing work. The procedure I had should have consisted of lots of bruising, swelling and bleeding but mine was very minimal. She and her staff make you feel very calm and very welcoming. I have already recommended her to several of my friends. If I have another procedure I will definitely come back. She is a very personable, kind and caring surgeon." Lori Martin

Remarkable rhinoplasty transformations

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What sets Suzanne Yee apart

Compared to other facial plastic surgeries, rhinoplasty is complex. To be confident in a positive result, you need a surgeon you can trust. These are just some of the ways Dr. Yee is different from other options.

Widespread recognition

dr Yee has earned her reputation as a highly qualified cosmetic and plastic surgeon. She is a member of several renowned surgical organizations. For example, she earned her scholarship to the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery through both extensive training and recognized professional achievements.

A natural look

Some patients fear cosmetic surgery because they don't want a fake "Hollywood" look. When it comes to rhinoplasty, many want their nose to be less noticeable, rather than stand out. dr Yee prides itself on giving patients an organic look that allows them to show off proudly without worrying about judgment.

Affordable Surgery

dr Yee knows that for some patients, budget can be a barrier to the self-improvement they crave. She has taken several steps to make her surgery affordable without sacrificing top-notch cosmetic care. Above all, this includes their acceptance of CareCredit®, which patients can use to pay for their treatment in interest-free or low-interest monthly installments.

Rachel's Rhinoplasty Success Story

Rachel is an Arkansas native who sustained a broken nose during routine softball practice. She came to dr. Yee for a rhinoplasty that would restore the look, shape and function of her nose. In addition to the quality of her results, Rachel was impressed with Dr. Yee's warmth and compassion throughout the rhinoplasty process. Watch this short video to hear from Rachel herself about her satisfaction with our cosmetic work and her ability to breathe again.

Take responsibility for your appearance

In order to achieve the most satisfactory results from nose surgery, you must start with a realistic idea of ​​what nose job can and cannot do. Based on the existing structure of the nose and its surgical history, certain goals may or may not be realistic. At our surgery center in Little Rock, Arkansas, rhinoplasty patients explore in detail the benefits, risks and limitations of nose surgery.

For patients considering rhinoplasty to address functional or cosmetic issues with their nose, selecting a qualified facial plastic surgeon is of paramount importance. dr Yee's years of experience, specialized training, and artistic balance make her an ideal choice for rhinoplasty in Little Rock, Arkansas. To request your rhinoplasty consultation now, contact us by phone or in writing.

(501) 224-1044

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Change your life with a nose job

Good candidates for rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a good option for most healthy teens and adults concerned about the size, shape, or position of their nose. These are some features that Dr. Yee evaluates when determining whether a person is a strong candidate:

medical history

Prior procedures, underlying health issues, and medical conditions are important factors in candidacy. Examples of problems that may make this procedure unwise include a history of stroke or hemophilia.

right age

Some people are just too young for Dr. Yee to recommend a rhinoplasty. Girls should wait until around the age of 14 or 15 before undergoing nose surgery to ensure nose development is complete, while boys should wait a few years longer.

healthy habits

Your safety during and after the rhinoplasty is very important to us. Certain habits can increase the likelihood of complications in surgery and recovery. For example, smoking tobacco will inhibit proper healing after surgery.

Realistic Goals

It is important that the doctor and patient are on the same page throughout the cosmetic procedure. dr Yee wants to understand why you want rhinoplasty and what to expect from it. She also advises you on realistic expectations for your transformation.

The procedure of rhinoplasty

After a joint decision by you and Dr. Yee, to proceed with the rhinoplasty, Dr. Yee take photos of you and discuss available treatment options. Just as there are many types of noses, there are many approaches to nose surgery. Here's what your personalized rhinoplasty journey might include:

Sedative Anesthesia

Nose surgery is a complex and lengthy procedure performed under general anesthesia by Dr. Yee is carried out. General anesthesia provides a higher level of sedation than local anesthesia, ensuring you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment.

Precise cuts

dr Yee makes incisions to open up your skin and allow for reshaping. If possible, she will make incisions that are completely hidden in the nostrils, eliminating the possibility of visible scarring. In some cases, the procedure must be performed through external incisions, but the incisions are always carefully located to hide scars.

Remarkable transformation

If the size of your nose is your concern, Dr. Yee excess bone or cartilage to give you the nose you want. For other reshaping requests, she transfers cartilage from the septum to other areas of your nose to create the correct shape. She can also straighten your nose to improve your appearance and breathing.

The finishing touch

To complete your surgery, Dr. Yee your nasal skin and tissues for a natural looking result. She then carefully closes your incisions to minimize possible scarring.

Rhinoplasty recovery

Just like your procedure, your recovery will be tailored to your needs. dr Yee typically recommends the following to facilitate optimal recovery:

rest & relaxation

If possible, take a week off from work or school. This allows you to relax stress-free while your body acclimates and recovers. In addition, it is advisable to avoid excessive physical exertion during this period. dr Yee can prescribe you painkillers just in case, but most pain subsides after a few days.

Monitor swelling and pain

During the recovery period, patients experience significant swelling and pain that can be controlled with medication. These symptoms subside significantly within a few weeks after surgery, but it is common for some residual swelling to last for several months. If your symptoms appear severe, please contact Dr. Yee to get help.

return date

For the first week after surgery you will have a splint in your nose to keep it straight. After just seven days, you can return to our Little Rock office for Dr. Yee can remove your splint. At this visit, she can also assess your recovery progress and advise you on your healthy return to normal activities.

The first month of healing should be quick. After that, the remaining recovery is more gradual and the final benefits of the rhinoplasty may not be visible for a year.

Rhinoplasty Combinations

dr Yee performs a variety of cosmetic surgeries, all of which meet the highest aesthetic standards. In some cases, the combination of one of these procedures with a rhinoplasty has brought particularly pronounced changes to their patients.

She values ​​open communication with her patients and welcomes you to raise any aesthetic concerns you may have. In this way, dr. Yee use their wealth of experience to only recommend rhinoplasty or other treatments that may benefit you.

Take a look at our other treatments

"Dr. Yee performed surgery to repair the damage of a violent crime that left me with head and facial trauma. Not only has the work and results of the structural and cosmetic aspect of the surgery been phenomenal, she has a lovely spirit and the staff is just great. I appreciate the discretion offered by the staff and operations center. I always had a team of cheerleaders with positive encouragement throughout the process. I highly recommend it." Crystal Free
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