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How to prepare for a lip filler appointment

If you're considering lip fillers, you know that it's normal to be nervous, but we hope that after reading this article you'll be more excited instead! Most often, people are concerned about pain from the needles, the appearance of it being excessive or overdone"Entenlips", or maybe not at all knowing what to expect.

Rest assured that when you go to a licensed injector who follows all safety precautions, these appointments are very thorough and should be enjoyable.

Before you actually get the injections, it is recommended that you do soconsultwith your provider about what your desired outcomes are. They will assess and ensure you are a good candidate, going through realistic lip filler expectations and known risks.Keep reading this blog to answer all your questions about what to expect from a lip filler appointment.

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How does a lip filler consultation work?

Yours firstInjector will talk to you about what you want to achieve, what got you there and any questions you may have to better understand your goal with lip fillers.Then they will assess your specific anatomy and talk to you about the realistic expectations that can be placed on you. Once you and the injector have agreed on the treatment plan, the benefits of the treatment, risks and possible side effects will be discussed (informed consent).

Informed consent is critical and mandatory for all medical procedures. Here the provider goes into detail about risks, possible side effects and even alternatives to treatment. The goal here isgive you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether the treatment is right for you. Some people aren't even a candidate for lip fillers, so it's good to talk first!

If you are in theLone tree, CO areaand interested in booking a consultation to see if lip fillers are a good treatment option for you, click hereHere.

If you're not local, here are some good onesto ask sample questionsWhen you come for a consultation:

  • What are your references? I.e. RN, PA, NP, Doctor
  • What type of training did you do to learn these types of injections?
  • Do you have photos of your work?
  • What are the risks and how would you deal with them?
  • What side effects does the procedure have?
  • Which product will you use and why? Is it FDA approved in the US?
  • Can the product you are using be dissolved?
  • How can I contact you or your office on a Saturday in an emergency?
In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (2)

How do I prepare for lip fillers?

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Once all your questions and concerns are answered,The injector starts the stunning process. This is to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the treatment.There are two options with anesthetic specifically for lip fillers. You and your injector should discuss which option works best for you, but read below for a description of both.

1. Topical anesthetic

This is a topical medication compounded to combine local anesthetics such as lidocaine and tetracaine. Once this is applied to the lips it begins to work by blocking nerve signals in the body to reduce discomfort from the initial injections.

2. Tooth block

A dental block refers to the injection of an anesthetic such as lidocaine (typically) into the infraorbital and mental nerves through the mouth. This provides the client with complete numbness of the lips before the injection.

How long does it take to go numb to lip fillers?

With a topical anesthetic, it usually takes 5-30 minutes for the anesthetic to kick in(depending on connection).The area remains numb for 30 minutes to 1 hour after removal.Dental blocks immediately begin to numb the lipsand the effects of this numbing process can last for several hours after the injection.

Pros and Cons of Numbing Drugs for Lip Fillers:

Benefits of topical anesthesia

This acts quickly, allows the patient to move their lips more easily during injections (for better assessment), and wears off faster to allow the patient to go about their day

Disadvantages of topical anesthesia

The patient is not 100% deaf, some formulations may cause lip blanching (lightening), making assessment difficult for the provider

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Advantages of the dental block

Total anesthesia for total patient comfort

Disadvantages of the dental block

First dental injections go deep into the gums and are painful. This can also make assessment difficult when moving the mouth as the patient may be too deaf. The numbness lasts for hours after the treatment.

In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (3)

What is the lip filler treatment like?

While the desired narcotic is working,The provider begins setting up the treatment using industry standards. This includes washing hands, placing a sterile drape on the tray, wearing gloves, properly preparing fill products, and cleaning the client's injection site(s).This step is especially important as lip filler injections are a medical treatment that must be performed safely. Going to licensed providers who have a clean and sterile environment is crucial to reducing potential risks and ultimately ensuring your safety.

How long does a lip injection take?

This is the quickest part of the appointment. TheThe actual lip injections only take 10-15 minutes. You can rest assured that your injector will make sure you are comfortable throughout the injection process, giving you breaks when needed.From here, they start injecting the filler, building up the lips to fit the specific characteristics of the patient.Overall, the goal should be to harmonize the lips and create balance on the face by subtly emphasizing the lips. You shouldn't feel anxious or concerned about getting "duck lips" with this filler procedure. Instead, with the right injector, you'll gain confidence.

To learn more about how to avoid "duck lips" with lip fillers, read onThe!

In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (4)
In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (5)
In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (6)
In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (7)
In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (8)
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Will I swell up after lip injections?

Swelling and bruising are normal, and your injector should share this part of the treatment with you at the consultation and evaluation so that you are aware and can plan for social downtime. For initial downtime, the first 24 hours is the worst, then the swelling subsides by the day and can be covered by makeup.

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It is also recommended not to schedule this appointment at (or too close to) any important social gathering, picture, or work presentation.

We generally tell people not to do it"Love her or hate her for 2 weeks"However, give them 30 days to fully settle.Ultimately,Treatment should be at least 4-6 weeks before a major event.

Click the pink Read This button to learn how to reduce puffiness and bruising after lip injections.

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Photos from before and immediately after injections

Before injections

In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (10)

In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (11)

Immediately after injections

In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (12)

In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (13)

From these photos you can seeInitial swelling occurs immediately after the injections. Remember this is normal and to be expected. Also, don't be surprised if the swelling gradually increases throughout the day and into the night.

What do providers put on the lips after injections?

Once the provider is done with the injection, they will complete the process with these steps:

1. Massage the filler to ensure it is even and smooth

2. Applying cream after injection to prevent biofilm

3. Apply a medical grade antibacterial ointment over it to prevent infection

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These 3 simple steps make a big difference in treatment results!As previously mentioned, it's important to get dermal fillers from a licensed provider who is well trained and takes all the necessary precautions to keep you safe.

What is the aftercare for lip injections like?

After the injections, your doctor will summarize what to expect after the appointment and what precautions to take.This is to ensure that after the appointment you are sure of what to expect with the healing process and avoid any risks. AtWe often tell patients:

  • No tongues on their lips for 24 hours (hers, her significant other, children or pets)
  • No touch for 24 hours
  • No makeup in the injection area for 24 hours
  • Avoid straws for 72 hours or forever 🙂 !!!
  • Avoid alcohol and any medication that can increase bruising
  • OnlyEisfor short periods as needed and wash the ice pack between uses
  • Avoid harsh or irritating products
  • Contact usfor questions or concerns!

Be sure to speak to your injector to see what they recommend for follow-up care if you are not an elite customer.We also remind people that the first 24 hours of swelling can look crazy! It'll get better fast.

Click the pink "Read Here" button to learn more about the Emotional Calming Lip Plumper Coaster!

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In a Lip Filler Appointment | Elite Medicine & Aesthetics | Lone Tree, CO 80124 (14)

"I always make sure my patients have my contact details for any questions or concerns, especially when I go on weekends."

Ali Waggstaff



Although getting lip fillers can be intimidating (especially if it's your first time)Rest assured that at We accompany you at every step!

Regardless of where you go, we cannot stress enough the importance of going with a licensed medical provider that you trust and trustknows how to protect you while delivering great results.This is a medical procedure and must be treated as such.

If you are in theLone Tree, COVisit us for a free consultation so we can decide together if lip filler is right for you.Ali Waggstaffis a Certified Nurse Practitioner with Double Board and an Aesthetic Medicine Fellowship. She is also an artist and takes a holistic approach to patient care. Click the pink Book Now button below to book.

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