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Admission conditions

If you have completed a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), you may be eligible for admission if you meet the foundation course requirements. Some credits can be assigned to these requirements based on GED subject performance, but this alone is not enough to meet the requirements of the foundation course. Courses from any high school or college taken in conjunction with the GED exam may provide sufficient academic preparation for admission.

Decision-making process

Admission to studies is decided by a committee appointed by the admissions director. Your full academic profile will be considered for admission.

Core course requirements

16 units of academic courses are required for admission.

A unit is one year of high school or a semester/quarter in college.

High school activities

See the listhigh school classes in Nebraska that count towards the requirements of the foundation course.

Ways to meet the prerequisites

If you are missing the courses required for admission, they existways to rectify deficiencies before enrolling.

Basic courses

Academic courses required
English4 units:
All units must include intensive literacy experience.
Mathematics4 units:
  • 1 unit of algebra I.
  • 1 unit of algebra II.
  • 1 geometry unit.
  • 1 unit based on the knowledge and concepts learned in Algebra II.
The natural sciences3 units:
You must select at least 2 units in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and/or Earth Sciences. 1 of the units must include a laboratory manual.
Social Sciences3 units:
  • 1 unit taken from American and/or world history.
  • 1 unit taken from US history, government and/or geography.
  • 1 unit from any social science discipline.
The language of the world2 chapters:

Both units must be in the same language. Students who are unable to attend the 2 years of world language study in high school may still be eligible for admission.

Note:The equivalent of 4 years of world language study in the same language in high school is required to complete some degree programs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

See world language requirements by degree.

College-specific course requirements

All colleges at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln require students to meet the minimum requirements for core courses and admissions (listed above).

Some colleges have additional requirements that students must meet to be admitted to their chosen college. If you do not meet the college-specific requirements below, you may still be admitted byBrowse Hub.

The Exploration Center will keep you informed until you meet the requirements specific to your chosen university. After meeting the requirements of the university, you will be able to transfer to the university of your choice.

Colleges and programs with additional course requirements
Higher School of Architecture
Architecture Course Requirements
Mathematics4 units:
  • 1 unit of algebra I.
  • 1 unit of algebra II.
  • 1 geometry unit.
  • 1 unit of Pre-Calc/Trig OR 1 unit of Calc/Advanced Math.
ACT/SAT and academic performance
  • A composite ACT score of 22 or greater.
  • LUBa total SAT score of 1110 or higher.
  • Finish high school in the top 25% of the class.
  • LUBhave a combined high school grade point average of 3.2.
Transfer and readmission of studentsIn addition to the above requirements, must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
University of Business
Business Administration course requirements
Transfer and readmission of studentsMust have a cumulative GPA of 2.5.
Higher School of Engineering
Engineering course requirements
First year students
Mathematics4 units:
  • 1 unit of algebra I.
  • 1 unit of algebra II.
  • 1 geometry unit.
  • 1 unit of Pre-Calc/Trig OR 1 unit of Calc/Advanced Math.
The natural sciences3 units:
  • 1 unit of chemistry.
  • 1 physics unit.
  • 1 unit of biology and/or earth sciences.
ACT/SAT and academic performance
  • A composite ACT score of 24 or greater
  • LUBa total SAT score of 1180 or higher
  • LUBMath Subscore 24 ACT
  • LUB580 points in math SAT
  • LUBcumulative high school grade point average of 3.5.
Domestic transfer studentsMust have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
College of Public Affairs and Social Service
Public Affairs and Social Services course requirements
Transfer and readmission of studentsMust have a cumulative GPA of 2.5.
Hixson-Lied College of Fine & Performing Arts

Audition and/or portfolio requirements

Interview requirements
Art, art history:No auditions or special applications.Optional portfolio review for additional scholarships.
Music, Dance:Auditions are required.
Theatrical accent in:
Auditions are required.

Information about auditions for the Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film.

Theatrical accent in:
Design/Technical production
Application and portfolio required.

Information about the portfolio of the Johnny Carson Theater and Film School.

BFA in Emerging Media:
Emerging media arts
Application and portfolio required.

About the Emerging Media Arts app.

PGA golf management
PGA golf management requirements
PGA golf management studentsA handicap of 12 is required for students entering this program. For more information, seePGA program requirements.
Colleges with no additional course requirements

The following universities doNOhave additional requirements beyond the core course and performance requirements.

  • College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Education and Humanities
  • College of Journalism and Mass Communication


You will be self-reporting your academic achievements when completing your application for admission. Use an unofficial transcript to fill in your information.


Note:You do not need to submit an ACT/SAT score to be admitted. Although not required, all freshman applicants under the age of 23 are encouraged to submit an official ACT/SAT score for full scholarship consideration. We will offer you the best possible scholarship award based on your GPA alone or a combination of your GPA and highest composite ACT/SAT score.

After passing the ACT/SAT exam, apply to the examining institution to send us the official results. Our codes are as follows:

  • WORK:2482
  • SATURDAY:6877

Application deadlines

  • Summer rain:1 house
  • Spring:December 1

Any application received after the published deadline may be placed on a waiting list. The Admissions Committee will prioritize the waiting list based on eligible applicantsReception conditions in Nebraska provided.

Note:Admission to the waiting list is not guaranteed.

Application Fee

There is$45 application feepayable by credit card or check. If you are a member of the free/discount lunch program, a military service member, a military spouse or a military dependent, you may request a waiver of this fee at the end of your application. Write a check toUniversity of Nebraska-Lincolnand put the applicant's full name on the note line.

Note:If you have applied for admission to an undergraduate program at UNK or UNO within the last year and have paid the admission fee to one of these campuses, you do not need to pay the $45 admission fee.

Additional Scholarship Application

To be eligible for faculty, leadership, and service scholarships, you must applyadditional scholarship application.

Foreign students

Foreign students have extrarequirements and information.

Selection Committee

According to the Admissions Office's Procedures Manual under RP-5.2.1-4b - the Admissions Committee may admit students who do not meet the admission requirements provided by the Board of Regents for full admission. These decisions are based on a comprehensive review of each applicant's student history, including, but not limited to, academic achievement (GPA, academic courses, class standing, standardized test scores), availability of high school courses, letters of recommendation, and retention services. The Admissions Committee will use this information in the overall review process to determine whether there are other indications on file that would contribute to the candidate's academic success at the university. There are three committees in the Admissions Office that carry out the work described above: First-year students; Transfer/International and special circumstances.

The Special Circumstances Committee will make an overall evaluation of candidates of special merit who are required to participate in intrusive and effective applicant retention programs, such as, but not limited to, Nebraska College Preparatory Academy, William H. Thompson Scholars and Nebraska Athletics Support Services. The Director of Admissions must approve applicant retention programs to be reviewed by the Special Circumstances Committee. Members of this committee will be appointed by the Director of Recruitment.

Admission based on special talents

Pursuant to RP-5.2.1-4b, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln may admit students with special talents who do not meet the admission requirements provided by the Board of Regents for full admission. Prospective students who do not meet the guaranteed admission requirements and who can demonstrate special talents such as outstanding artistic skills, exceptional educational experience or remarkable professional achievements may be considered for admission subject to executive sponsorship. Each academic university and the Athletics Department may recommend no more than 15 special calls for talents to the director of recruitment each semester. To be considered for admission for special talent, an applicant must:

  • Identify the executive sponsor (an executive sponsor is considered to be the university dean, vice dean, athletic director, or deputy athletic director):
    • The Executive Sponsor must write a reference letter to the Director of Admissions detailing the particular talents of the prospective student, explaining why the sponsor believes the student is worthy of admission, and detailing how the unit will ensure the student's academic success;
  • A prospective student may request executive sponsorship before or after an initial admission decision is made:
    • If a prospective student requests admission based on special talents prior to applying for admission, unofficial transcripts, standardized test scores, and English language proficiency scores (for all international students or students with English as a second language) must be included with the Executive Sponsor Reference Letter Tongue);
      • In this case, the Director of Admissions will review the unofficial documents and the Executive Sponsor's reference letter and make an interim admission decision pending the student's formal application for admission and submission of official documents by the established admissions deadlines to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
    • If, after the initial admission decision, a student requests admission for special talents, the prospective student may ask the executive sponsor to send a letter of reference to the Director of Admissions;
      • The executive sponsor should include the prospective student's date of birth and NUID number in the letter;
      • The Director of Admissions will review the prospective student's academic record and notify the applicant and executive sponsor of the admission decision.

Withdrawal of Admission and/or Rank

University admission or degree may be revoked for: fraud; turn; violation of university standards in obtaining a degree; a serious breach committed by a candidate or student prior to enrolling in a course, matriculating or graduating; or other significant breaches that threaten the safety and/or welfare of the university community.

Do not forget

After meeting these requirements, you mustapply for admissionand pay a $45 application fee to be considered for admission.


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