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4-year HBO bachelor's degree | Dutch and English language

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Shape your own future!

Are you committed to a livable and sustainable living environment? Do you think cities should be organized differently? With this training you can shape your own future!

Our society is changing rapidly and the challenge is to design the space as optimally as possible. Spatial planning and mobility are at the heart of the Built Environment programme. You will learn how to (re)develop urban and regional spaces, create sustainable and innovative traffic and transport systems and translate ideas into spatial designs.

You can also take the Built Environment course in English.

Why BUs?

  • Unique and integral combination of mobility, spatial planning and urban development
  • Lecturers work part-time in industry and bring current practical experience with them
  • Small training in an informal learning community with a lot of personal contact

Hbo Built Environment in beeld

content of the study

Built Environment Laboratory

Internships and study trips

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Our introductory week

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structure of the course

  • learning community
  • curriculum
  • specializations
  • Degree paths to AD, MBO, VWO or HO
  • Exchange
  • entrepreneurship

In the learning community of our HBO degree program Built Environment, you will learn how to develop sustainable and innovative solutions for spatial and social issues in cities and regions, design and manage attractive cities, encourage people to make smart transport decisions, learn to think strategically and design, develop theoretical and practical knowledge and develop your professional skills. After the first semester, you decide on an in-depth course in mobility, spatial planning or urban development.

Every semester you work in teams on a practical task in our LAB. You will complete two 20-week internships and take part in various excursions in Germany and abroad. In our learning community you have many opportunities and freedom to choose courses and study activities and thus create your own professional profile.

Dutch vs English

We offer this training in Dutch and English. With the English-language variant, you are part of the international classroom. Due to the mixture of students and teachers from the Netherlands and abroad, more attention is naturally paid to intercultural differences; not only in teaching, but also in international projects and excursions. In this way, you can prepare yourself even better for an international career.

an ovYou will find an overview of the curriculum, course components, descriptions of content and learning objectives for the 1st and 2nd gradeInthe study guideBelow we explain what you can expect each year.

year 1

In the first year you will get to know all facets of the Built Environment area and work on a solid (knowledge) basis before you specialize further. Each year consists of two semesters and during one semester you work together with other students on a spatial project or homework. You will receive an introduction to the Built Environment topic, in which all important areas of the subject are discussed with inspiring real-world examples. You will learn theoretical knowledge about people and society, how cities work and how to research, analyze and (re)design them. Although the program is taught in Dutch, you also explicitly look beyond borders and it is possible for you to attend one or more courses or guest lectures in English. In addition, some of the literature used may be in English.

In the first year, you will go on various excursions as part of the LAB projects, where you will visit organizations from the field. This gives you a more complete picture of the field and how Built Environment is applied in practice - an eye opener!

After the first semester you can choose between three specializations:

  • mobility
  • space planning
  • Urban design.

For more information on the specializations, seethe next tab.

In the second semester, great importance is attached to how you get involved in projects together with other specialists from your own field.

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year 2

From the second year onwards, in addition to your technical and project-related work, you will create your own profile that will expand and/or deepen your knowledge in certain sub-areas. You can choose from various courses, participate in your own research projects or delve into a specific area of ​​your specialization such as philosophy & sociology, 3D design, virtual reality, traffic modeling or, for example, self-driving cars and public transport.

You then use this knowledge and skills in your projects to find even smarter and better solutions to add to your portfolio. In your portfolio you collect all your (study) results and make your own profile visible and show how you are developing professionally. In the second year you will also go on a field trip abroad, investigating differences and similarities between the built environment in the Netherlands and in a European city.

year 3

The third year begins with a six-month internship in a company, organization or government agency. Based on your portfolio, you choose a company that matches your interests or where you would like to work in the future. It is also possible to immerse yourself in one of the research projects of our Research and Business Innovation (RBI) department for six months. Together with teachers, the government and the economy, we look for innovative solutions and think about the future in so-called "learning communities". You also have the opportunity to go abroad for your internship and to develop yourself further in terms of content and personality in a different culture. Something we encourage a lot!

In the second half of the year you will take part in a large integrated and multidisciplinary project in which you will use all your knowledge so far to create your own vision and plan for the (urban) living environment of the future. Based on your own specialty and profile, you will become part of a project team together with other specialists. Through the experience from your internship, you know what is expected of you as a professional and can independently find an answer to this complex task as a team.

Built Environment hbo-bachelor | BUas.nl (4)

year 4

At the beginning of the fourth year one follows a minor; an in-depth minor in which you can further specialize within the field, or you look beyond the boundaries of your field: a broadening minor. In the second half of the fourth year you will complete a thesis. Examples of theses include developing a solution for a self-sufficient sustainable residential area or city, researching a solution for a shrinking region, or developing a housing assignment for the city center. For example, you can also focus on research into better water storage in public spaces, the leap in cycling, or citizen participation and the role of the municipality. Or any other topic within the built environment that fits your own profile. You will write a thesis on this task, which you will defend during your exam.


The Built Environment (NL) course fits in well with various postgraduate courses in the field at Master's level. In order to continue your studies in a scientific master's program after Breda University of Applied Sciences, you must first complete a pre-master's track. The pre-master courses are offered at the respective universities. After completing such a track, you can then acquire a Master of Science (MSc) degree at various universities in one year.

The BFH offers all students the opportunity to complete the scientific premaster in their last year of studyStrategic corporate management and marketing(SBM) to follow. This Pre-Master gives you direct access to Master of Science programs in business-related courses from our university partners, such as the University of Amsterdam, Maastricht, Tilburg, Brussels (B) or Warwick (UK). For example, you can earn a university master's degree in 5 years and after 3 years even in 4 years!

See the page for more information"After your training".

Study load and study coaching

The average study load is 32 hours per week. How many hours per week you actually spend on your studies depends heavily on how motivated you are and how challenging the course content is. The study load also varies per week. The last weeks of a semester and the exam weeks are relatively full.

After the first semester you can choose between three specializations:

1. Mobility

In the world of mobility, developments and innovations follow one another in rapid succession. Intelligent mobility, shared mobility, attention to active modes (cycling and walking), big data, new vehicle technologies and experience are some examples. In our training, we help to shape these developments and let students get to know and (co-)work on these topics.

2. Space planning

The students work on spatial developments in a city and ensure that they are coordinated with the stakeholders. They include social and technological developments in their planning and also examine trends in the areas of living, working and leisure. Finally, they coordinate whether everything is (financially) feasible and all laws and regulations are complied with.

3. Urbanism.

In this specialization, students learn to create urban designs at different scales for new sustainable urban areas and inner-city redevelopments. In addition, work is being done on strategic regional concepts and concepts in rural areas. In our design studios, students design and build models.
In the second semester, great importance is attached to how you get involved in projects together with other specialists from your own field.

Depending on your educational background, you can take the coursebuilt environmentcompleted in two or three years.

With an associate degree (BE) - 2 years

With an Associate Degree Diploma in Built Environment or Spatial Development and the right specialization, you will be eligible for our bachelor's degree program in Built Environment. The duration of our bachelor's program is 4 years, but an associate degree diploma will allow you to complete our bachelor's degree faster.

After receiving your Associate's degree you will follow another 2 years (120 ECTS) of education at Breda University of Applied Sciences, after receiving all your credits you will have obtained your Bachelor of Science degree

Learn more?

Would you like more information about the follow-up after your associate degree? Please contact the study advisors for this course, Minke Snels and Lizanne Hessels:StudienberaterABEL@buas.nl.

After a related vocational secondary education - 3 years

Have you completed any of these Level 4 MBO courses?

  • Middle management construction workers
  • Middenkaderfunctionaris infra
  • Middle manager for traffic and city planning/urban design

Then you are eligible for the MBO HBO transfer track. You can get exemptions based on any of these MBO coursesfor the Built Environment coursefor Year 1 upon successful completion of the program. This allows you to complete the course in three years.

What does the MBO HBO transfer track include?

If you are in the final year of your MBO degree, you can join the MBO-HBO transfer path. You attend several training sessions and courses every Wednesday for 16 weeks and carry out a project. With a positive recommendation after completing this track, you can enroll in the second year of the program. This process always begins around mid-February and lasts until mid-June. Download the brochure (below) for more information. Please contact the Student Advisory Service to discuss the possibilitiesStudienberaterABEL@buas.nl.

Note: Only students of the coursemiddle command officer traffic and Urban development/urban design at Koning Willem I College in 's-Hertogenbosch can be continued in thesecond year of specialization Urban Design.

is it for you

The transfer path is designed to find out if HBO is right for you and if you can handle an education at that level. If you follow this path you will be enrolled as a student at Breda University of Applied Sciences. You don't pay any tuition fees yet, but you can use our student facilities. Visit the open day, get a taste of the atmosphere of studying at a university of applied sciences and have the opportunity to talk to the student advisory service about the change.

How and until when can you register?

To sign up for the MBO-HBO transfer track, go to Studielink. Until29 Januaryis it possible to register for this flight path.

Learn more?

Would you like more information about this history? Please contact the study advisors for this course, Minke Snels and Lizanne Hessels:StudienberaterABEL@buas.nl, Phone (076)533 2600, of download deOrdner MBO-HBO transfer track.

After vwo - 3 years

In order to complete this four-year program in three years, you will need to have a number of skills in addition to your VWO diploma. Here's how you should:

  • Be able to plan your studies well;
  • ability to learn and work independently;
  • be able to take responsibility for your studies;
  • Know what you want;
  • Enjoy working with others.

The track consists of 3 years with 60 ECTS each, i.e. a total of 180 ECTS. Your freshman year begins in the regular sophomore year, which is also your introductory course. They then follow the regular third and fourth years.

How can you register?

If you would like to follow this degree, follow the regular application process and indicate your preference for the three-year degree in Studielink.

Learn more?

If you would like more information about this three-year program, please contact the program advisors, Minke Snels and Lizanne Hessels:StudienberaterABEL@buas.nl, Telephone(076) 533 2600.

After HBO or WO - 3 years

If you have an HBO/WO Diploma (Propedeuse) in the same field, please contact this program's Student Advisors, Minke Snels and Lizanne Hessels:StudienberaterABEL@buas.nl.

Studying abroad offers you the opportunity to push your boundaries, both literally and figuratively. You are in an international environment, you meet people from different cultures and it is also good for your languages. In short, studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity... grab it!

In the fourth year you can study abroad for part of the year, for example in Finland, Germany, Belgium or Austria; Breda University of Applied Sciences has contacts with numerous universities that you can go to as an exchange student.

study trips

As a studentbuilt environmentExplore your specialist area on excursions at home and abroad. The cities of Copenhagen and Barcelona are recurring destinations.

At BUas you will be trained to become an entrepreneurial specialist. All of our HBO bachelor's programs give you the space to develop your entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurship is taught to them, i.e. entrepreneurship. Special courses have been developed for this and in the second year of study you can start with an Excellence Track in Entrepreneurship.

In the fourth year you can choose a BFH-wide minor in Entrepreneurship and even complete it with your own company! Maybe (by then) you already have a business spinning, or maybe you have plans? Let BUas Startup Support help you.

Read more about itStarting your own company.

Eye-catching built environment

Built Environment hbo-bachelor | BUas.nl (5)

Create your profile

You develop your own role in projects by working on your special interests. Think, for example, of sociology, 3D design, virtual reality or self-driving cars.

your own profile

Built Environment hbo-bachelor | BUas.nl (6)

This is life!

Together with fellow students, municipalities, project developers and social organizations, you will work on specific case studies in the field of spatial planning and mobility.

About real cases

Built Environment hbo-bachelor | BUas.nl (7)

shaping society

Under the name Shaping Society, students, teachers and researchers work together with experts to design attractive, safe and livable places.

About shaping society


Immediatelyhab- vonvwoDiploma with the correct profile or ambo-4Diploma qualifies you for HBO's built environment programEligibility requirements and opportunitieswho are there if you don't meet the conditions.

For registration

Do you meet the admission requirements?So register nowbefore May 1st, then you can start the program in September. You can also register later, but then you have no guarantee of a place.


For the 2023-2024 academic year, the tuition fee is €2,314. Is this your freshman year? Then you pay €1,157. In addition, you must take into accountCosts extrafor books, excursions etc.

Built Environment hbo-bachelor | BUas.nl (8)

Design and improve a piece of the world

I think it's super cool that I can shape and improve a piece of the world with this study! A study has to feel good from moment 1 because you work on it every day for 4 years. Come by for a day and ask a student any questions you have!

Check out all the options to get your bearingsYour way to BUas

nice boss

Environment built by students

Built Environment hbo-bachelor | BUas.nl (9)

A good vision of the future

I did internships at a construction company and a consulting firm. For the consulting company XTNT I analyzed the behavior of pedestrians in inner cities in the Netherlands. After that I finished my studies at the Municipality of Utrecht. The different contexts of my internships and the gaining of experience in the professional field have given me a good picture for the future. I combine a part-time master's degree in Hasselt with my work for a consulting company.

Jelmer van Herpen

Graduate Mobility | Combines work in a consulting firm with a master's degree

Built Environment hbo-bachelor | BUas.nl (10)

3D view campus

We are proud of our campus. Take a look in 3D and discover the frontier building where you will study and what else the campus has to offer.

Built Environment hbo-bachelor | BUas.nl (11)

Nice internships!

We offer challenging internships at, for example, Rijkswaterstaat, Arriva, Arcadis, the province of Noord-Brabant and the municipality of Breda.

Built Environment hbo-bachelor | BUas.nl (12)

My story

Roos is doing an internship at "the largest design agency in Europe": "The projects in years 1 and 2 prepared me for my internship."

Rosen in Amsterdam

what can you become

After your studies, you can work for consulting firms, authorities, transport companies or urban planning authorities. For example in a function likeArea developers, traffic managers or city planners.Or you are working on larger projectsin the field of spatial planning and indoor mobilitythe entire urban development.

Learn more? After your building environment course.

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