Arizona vs. Nevada: Which State Is More Retiree-Friendly? (2023)

Arizona vs. Nevada: Which State Is More Retiree-Friendly? (1)

isArizonaorNevadamore pension-friendly? These two southwestern states offer mild winters with guaranteed sunshine and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities like golf and hiking most of the year. But how do Nevada and Arizona compare for an active adult lifestyle at age 55 and older?


Arizona vs. Nevada: Which State Is More Retiree-Friendly? (2)

There aren't that big climate differences between Arizona and Nevada, but between the northern and southern parts of each state. Both states offer plenty of sunshine and little rain, with Nevada being the driest state in the US. Both states also offer low humidity from dry heat, which can be beneficial for those with asthma, allergies, arthritis, or other conditions.

If you want to avoid bad winters then look forSouthern ArizonaorTo be heartbroken, where winters are short and mild. Snowfall is minimal, although temperatures can drop below freezing at night, but usually only for a few days. Both states have mountainous areas that experience snowy winters but also avoid the excessive heat of mid-summer expected in the desert climates of lower elevations.


Arizona vs. Nevada: Which State Is More Retiree-Friendly? (3)

Both states offer tax benefits for retirees, which are particularly attractive if you're living on a fixed income or if you have children who will inherit from you. Neither Arizona nor Nevada has an inheritance tax.

Nevada has the further advantage of not imposing a state income taxArizona Tax Lawshave no gift or inheritance tax and do not tax social security contributions. Some annuities are also exempt from Arizona state income tax. If you are affected by these issues, further investigation into your personal situation may be needed before making a decision between Arizona and Nevada.

With cheap taxes offering more disposable income for retirees, it's also important to review the cost of living in your intended retirement destination. Both Arizona and Nevada have below-average living costs, although some Nevada locations are more expensive, such as Kingsbury and Gardnerville. Arizona is generally cheaper in this regard, with the cost of living typically five percent below the US average.


Arizona vs. Nevada: Which State Is More Retiree-Friendly? (4)

Both federal states offer a wide range of cultural attractions as well as numerous outdoor activities that can be enjoyed almost all year round. Nevada's largest city isLas Vegas, with a population of about 650,000. There are several other cities with over 200,000 inhabitants. In comparison, the capital of ArizonaPhoenix, is the sixth largest city in the USA with over 1.7 million inhabitants. The second and third largest cities in the state,TucsonandMesa, both have more than 500,000 inhabitants.

For entertainment, especially live entertainment, Nevada has surpassed Las Vegas. Even if you live elsewhere in Nevada, it's an attractive way to go to Las Vegas for the weekend. However, remember that places inNord-Arizonalike Bullhead City are closer to Las Vegas than places in northern Nevada.

However, Nevada has more to offer than Las Vegas.Lake Meadand theHoover DamArea are popular for outdoor recreation. In fact, Lake Mead is the largest national recreation area in the United States. Lake Tahoe and SurroundingsRenohave a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities as well as entertainment and culture. Nevada also offers many golf courses, wineries and local events.

In Arizona, Phoenix and thesurrounding urban areaoffer both cultural activities and access to the great outdoors. Phoenix also has several major sports teams, a thriving restaurant and bar scene, museums, galleries and everything you would expect from the United States' most populous capital. The state's second-largest city, Tucson is surrounded by mountains and offers plenty of outdoor opportunities and city attractions. Arizona is also one of the best states in the country forGolfer, with over 300 courses.

Active adult communities

Arizona vs. Nevada: Which State Is More Retiree-Friendly? (5)

Arizona and Nevada are similar in terms of area, being the sixth and seventh largest states in the United States, respectively. However, Arizona has a population of over 7 million compared to Nevada's roughly 3 million. This means there is a far greater variety of active adult communities to choose from in Arizona.

Arizona hatsun city, the first planned 55+ community in the US. It has over 27,000Housesand plentifulamenities, including 11 golf courses, 19 shopping districts and even its own hospital.

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In contrast, the largest community is in NevadaSun City Summerlinin Las Vegas with nearly 7,800Housesand his fair share ofamenities, as do several clubhouses, rec rooms, golf courses, and a 312-seat theater.

Is Arizona or Nevada More Retirement Friendly?

Both states have their advantages, and while there are many similarities, it's important to compare the differences to determine whether Arizona or Nevada is more retirement-friendly for your specific situation. It's your decision!

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Which state is better for retirees Nevada or Arizona? ›

Arizona has a higher retirement rate than Nevada. Arizona offers more attractions and activities, has a lower living cost, and more doctors, which makes it a great choice for those who want to retire with high-quality healthcare. Nevada offers more pleasant weather with lower taxes.

Is Nevada a tax-friendly state for retirees? ›

Is Nevada tax-friendly for retirees? Nevada is extremely tax-friendly for retirees. Since Nevada does not have a state income tax, any income you receive during retirement will not be taxed at the state level. This includes income from both Social Security and retirement accounts.

Where is the best place to retire Arizona or Nevada? ›

Arizona is better for retirement than Nevada. Nevada and Arizona are both top retirement destinations, but Arizona has much better access to health care with more affordable housing and a lower cost of living.

Is Arizona a tax-friendly state for retirees? ›

Arizona Taxes

Income tax rates are also relatively low for most retirees. A two-bracket tax rate structure is in place for 2022 (2.55% and 2.98%), but the state will adopt a flat 2.5% rate beginning in 2023.

What has better taxes Nevada or Arizona? ›

Nevada has the further benefit of not levying a state income tax, while Arizona tax laws have no gift or estate tax, nor does it tax social security payments. Some pensions are also exempt from Arizona state income tax.

What is the number 1 retirement state? ›

Maine topped The Motley Fool's list of best U.S. states to retire, with high marks for quality of life, safety, and health care cost and quality.

What states to avoid when retiring? ›

States To Avoid Retiring In For 2023
  • California.
  • New Mexico.
  • Illinois.
  • New York.
  • Washington.
  • Alaska.
  • Louisiana.
  • Oregon.
Jan 9, 2023

What are the 3 states that don't tax retirement income? ›

States That Won't Tax Your Pension Income
  • Alaska.
  • Florida.
  • Iowa.
  • Nevada.
  • South Dakota.
  • Tennessee.
  • Texas.
  • Washington.

Is it cheaper to live in Arizona or Nevada? ›

Is Arizona or Nevada cheaper to live? The cost of living in Las Vegas, NV is -6.7% lower than in Phoenix, AZ. You would have to earn a salary of $56,009 to maintain your current standard of living. Employers in Las Vegas, NV typically pay 3.4% more than employeers in Phoenix, AZ.

Which is better for retirement Phoenix or Las Vegas? ›

Phoenix is a great option for a retirement filled with golfing, hiking through national parks, and sampling great food and drink. Meanwhile, Las Vegas can provide a wide range of experiences including world-class fun, outdoor adventuring, exciting shows, golfing, gambling at casinos and tax benefits.

Is Arizona cheaper than Nevada state? ›

The cost of living in Las Vegas, NV is -6.7% lower than in Phoenix, AZ. You would have to earn a salary of $56,009 to maintain your current standard of living. Employers in Las Vegas, NV typically pay 2.9% more than employeers in Phoenix, AZ.


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