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NerdWallet Review

Well-established insurer known for excellent customer service.

coverage options

About average


Average discounts

NAIC Complaints

Far less than expected

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NerdWallet Review

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Well-established insurer known for excellent customer service.

coverage options

About average


Average discounts

NAIC Complaints

Far less than expected

Amica boasts high customer satisfaction and a variety of coverage options that make it one of NerdWallet's premier home insurance providers. Amica also offers discounts for things like paperless bills and automatic payments that are relatively easy to obtain.

How we rate home insurance

Our star ratings are based on consumer complaints data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners; AM Best credit ratings; Coverage and discounts available; and the overall consumer experience. See our criteria forEvaluation of home insurance.

Why you can trust NerdWallet

Our authors and editors followstrict editorial guidelinesensuring fairness and accuracy to help you choose the financial products that are best for you. Here is a list ofOur partnersAndThat's how we make money.

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Star rating of Amica household insurance


NerdWallet Review

Amica Home Insurance received 4.5 stars out of 5 for overall performance. NerdWallet ratings are set by our editorial team. The homeowners insurance valuation formula takes into account insurance options and discounts, ease of claim submission, website transparency, company financial strength, National Association of Insurance Commissioners complaint data and more.

Based on these reviews, Amica belongs to NerdWalletThe best home insurance for 2023.

state availability

Amica homeowners insurance is based in Washington, D.C. and all states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Amica home insurance

You can customize your homeowner's policy with numerous add-ons, but the following are the types of coverage that are generally included by default:

type of cover

what it does


Pays for repairing or rebuilding the structure of your home.

other structures

Covers damage to unpaved structures such as sheds or fences.

Personal property

Pays for the repair or replacement of personal items such as furniture or clothing.

loss of benefit

Pays for hotel stays, restaurant meals, or other expenses if you need to live elsewhere while your home undergoes covered repairs.

Personal Liability

Covers legal costs and damages if you are responsible for injury to another person or their property.

Medical Payments

Covers injuries to guests in your home, regardless of fault.

For more details seeWhat does homeowners insurance cover?

Amica also has several types of coverage that you can add to a standard policy, including:

  • housing replacementpaying up to 30% over your coverage limit to rebuild or repair your home.

  • replacement of private propertyto cover the cost of replacing personal items with brand new versions.

  • Waterlogging/sump overflowto pay for damage caused by clogged drains or failed sump pumps.

  • Special computer coverwhich pays for a wider range of damage to computers and smart devices.

  • Identity Fraud Costsfor credit monitoring and costs associated with recovering a stolen identity.

  • Home business coveragefor equipment and liability issues that arise when running a business from your home.

Amica offers an enhanced homeowners policy called Platinum Choice that adds several other types of coverage to the standard policy. Platinum Choice offers higher liability and medical payment limits, and more coverage for valuable items like jewelry and computers. It also includes some of the additional services listed above, such as:

In some states, Amica also offers dividend policies. These offer the same protection as traditional policies, but require a higher premium. In return, dividend policies can give you money back at the end of your policy term if the company has performed well. The amount is usually 5% to 20% of the annual policy premium.


Depending on where you live, you may be able to get a discount for:

  • Stay with an insurer for at least two years.

  • Combine your home insurance with another type of insurance, e.g. B. car.

  • Have not filed a claim for at least three years.

  • Registration at Autopay.

  • Receive policy documents electronically.

  • Insurance of a new or recently renovated home.

  • Installation of certain security devices such as intruder alarm systems or sprinkler systems.

  • Smart home devices have to monitor things like water leaks, smoke, temperature and home security.

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customer complaints

According to three-year data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Amica had far fewer than its expected number of home insurance complaints with state regulators relative to its size. (NAIC home insurance complaints also cover other types of home insurance, including mobile home, renter, and condo insurance.)

consumer experience

Website:You can create a home insurance quote on the Amica website, but you must complete the purchase process over the phone. Amica also offers customers the ability to submit and track a claim online. The site includes a unique feature called Contractor Connection that connects customers with Amica verified home improvement professionals.

Application:Amica has two apps that homeowners might find useful. You can use the general Amica app to view bills and policies, make payments, submit and track a claim, and contact a representative.

In the meantime, you can use the Home Check by Amica app to inventory your belongings and schedule reminders for housekeeping tasks.

Expectations:Amica offers multiple ways to make a claim: by phone, through its website, or through its app. Amica recommends photographing damage before attempting repairs. For more advice seehow to apply for home insurance.

Customer service:Amica offers customer support via live chat, phone (800-242-6422), and email. You can even search for a local office to visit in person.

Where Amica stands out

customer satisfaction.Amica was ranked in the 2022 Home Insurance Study by J.D. Power the first place for customer satisfaction. It also draws very few consumer complaints for a company of its size.

house maintenance app.Amica's Home Check app is designed to help you prevent damage from regular maintenance.

Where Amica falls short

No availability in Alaska or Hawaii.Homeowners in these states will have to look for other options.

" MORE: Review of Amica renters insurance

Friend vs. Competitor

Amica vs. State Farm home insurance

The biggest difference between Amica and State Farm is how they cover the structure of your home. State Farm generally includes extended replacement cost coverage with its standard policies, which means it adds a little more to your home coverage limit in the event rebuilding your home after a disaster costs more than expected. Amica includes this coverage in its Platinum Choice package, but it's an optional add-on to its standard policies.

Both State Farm and Amica encourage the use of certain smart home technologies. State Farm offers policyholders in many states a free Ting device that monitors your electrical system. Meanwhile, Amica is offering discounts on some devices and lowering your homeowner's premium in many states when you install smart home technology.

Check out oursState farm home insurance reviewfor more details.

Freund vs. Geico home insurance

The main difference between Amica and Geico home insurance is that Amica sells its own policies while Geico works with third parties. Geico will match you with a company of their choice and you must contact that insurer directly if you ever need to make a claim.

Geico offers limited coverage details on its website because your options depend on which insurer you are matched with. But Amica details its Standard and Platinum Choice policies in detail so you can decide if either is a good fit.

Find out more with ourGeico home insurance review.

Is Amica home insurance right for you?

If you value good customer service from an established insurer, Amica could be for you. Amica is also ideal for those who want to equip their home with smart devices; The company lowers your premium in many states and even offers discounts on some of the devices.

" MORE: Smart home devices can save you money on home insurance

Other home insurance to consider

Not ready to make a decision? You might be interested in these other home insurance policies:

  • Allstate: Large insurer with many options for customizing your policy.

    (Video) How to Compare Auto and Home Insurance Quotes

  • nationwide: For buyers looking for a variety of coverage options.

  • Open: Premium coverage for high-end homes.

  • Travelers: Solid option with benefits for eco-conscious homeowners.

frequently asked Questions

What other types of insurance does Amica offer?

Amica offers various insurance products including Auto, Life, Umbrella and Marine. Find out more in ourAutoversicherungstest friend.

Where can I get a quote for Amica home insurance?

Quotations are available through Amica's website or by telephone.

Can I bundle Amica insurance?

Yes, Amica offers up to 30% discount for bundling home, auto, condo, renter, life or roof insurance.

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